Here’s one I made earlier

I cant decide whether or not an online blog is a good thing for me just yet. Statistically most ideas that pop into my head at 3am in the morning are a result of the sporadic chemical impulses that occur in my head when most of my body has all but shut down, so they don’t tend to have the greatest success rate.

Also, my memory is pretty bad already, there is the risk I’ll come to totally rely on it as my source of past events.Then I think, maybe the world doesnt want to know all about my little life but then I suppose if you’re reading this, you must want to… which is cool.

Well its a nice way to let off steam!

So this week was the same as most weeks. Thats another way of saying I can’t remember how this week was different from any other weeks. Funny I can remember whole days in my life as a 5 year old but struggle to recall anything prior to thursday. Hmm, my life isn’t that monotonous, really! Well starting thursday, I was invited to a thanksgiving dinner. I wouldn’t have minded being an honorary american for the night much if it were hosted by a true yank.

But it’s my friends friends flatmates parents who are american, and so their daughter’s flatmate’s friend who was hosting it which i thought was a little bit of a tenuous link.

We went out to a club instead. Its reminiscent of what I think used to be called a discotheque. That or it simply hasn’t been renovated since the jurassic era. They can afford to do that though because with the serious club drought Exeter suffers from you just grin and bear it, and get out before they turn the music off/put the lights on (which is when you get to see it in all its glory). Well, the music was as cheesy as is usual, and the prices confirm that extortion still abounds but we all had a good time anyway. By morning we had also acquired one supermarket trolley, not I might add the result of some drunken fit. This called for Operation Trolley Removal because in daylight you realise how conspicuous these things look outside the front door. At the time it was something of an oasis in the desert, because my poor soles hurt so much I didnt know how I was gonna hobble home without sustaining lasting damage. I think I should devote my

life to making One Pair Of Shoes that won’t make womens feet blister and swell to double their natural size if you wear them for more than say, 15 minutes.

Anyway, we finally put the trolley in an alleyway under cover of darkness, which although probably not the best solution is pretty much the state we found it in. Rhea had a good idea: wrap it up in Christmas paper, decorate it in ribbon and attach a tag saying “To Tescos Merry Christmas love Sainsbury’s” though I don’t think they’d see the funny side.

Well Friday was spent mostly asleep, or in bed at least. It gets to winter and suddenly its too cold to leave the warm cocoon that is your bed, let alone get dressed, leave the house and generally do stuff. If I could, I’d just hibernate December til February and my life would start again on my birthday (march 6th coming I’ll hit 21!! yay! hinthint). That said, we had tickets to see The Incredibles friday evening, so I got changed in the end. I thought the film was pretty good. At the risk of sounding like a grandma, I think that its amazing how much they can do with computer graphics now! “Things have come a long way since my day”!

Today the plan was to research for my essay on theological responses to neo darwinism (or something along those lines anyway), or failing that at least glance at the actual essay title. I use the word plan in its loosest sense because most of my planning is confined to the indefinite future, much in the same way i use the future tense eg. I will pay you back your £400. I’m all about good intentions me. So most of today was spent half heartedly entering Darwin related search terms into Google. At the rate I’m going my essay might be done before I graduate. Google is a curse because you get bored with research after a while and some random thought process enters your head and you just get carried away with that, and see what Google throws up in your quest for knowledge. So for example I decided I wanted to find out where my surname comes from, and which famous people have the same birthday as mine. Well I didn’t get any very conclusive answers apart from the fact that all the so-called celebrities who I share my birthday with are people I’ve never heard of in my life. Now if I were studying surname etymology you can be sure that I would have been researching Darwin for kicks! Always the way…

Saturday wouldn’t have been the same without some mind numbing TV to kill off a few more (much needed) brain cells. So another year, another talent contest style singing programme. I have to admit its enjoyable just watching the humiliation people voluntarily put themselves through! Then Jen Suz and I got onto a topic of conversation we always get onto which is our Inferiority Complex Concerning Our Regional Accents. Its close to all of our hearts because its what we have in common, and we can cry to each other about it in the knowledge that we feel each others pain. I capitalised it because then it sounds like less of a general hangup, and more like an actual condition.

They went off to bed hours ago and I think it’s my turn to get my beauty sleep. The bags under my eyes are reaching unacceptable proportions and I have a Darwin essay to get excited about. Woo, yeah!! A demain as the french say.

2 thoughts on “Here’s one I made earlier

  1. “sporadic chemical impulses that occur in my head when most of my body has all but shut down, so they don’t tend to have the greatest success rate.” At first I was going to say oooh :O you carnt say that… im not a walking talking chemical response…… but actually I agree with you thoughts are just simply thoughts they dont really mean much its that other kind of thing that does and makes us not just a walking talking combination of atoms.

    Even in Phycology it has been said that you can be plagued by intrusive thoughts that a person doesn’t even want but are there…. evidence enough that thoughts meh…

    Allllllllllllllllll the best to you!!


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