Same old same old

Apparently, when woken by Jen this morning I had a “proper” conversation with her only for her to find me sound asleep when she came out of the shower to check on my progress (waking up is a long process for me involving most of the morning and a good part of the afternoon). I was supposed to be helping her rescue the Trolley, because that way we could split the humiliation of wheeling it empty, down the high street and back to the supemarket in broad daylight.

All I know is that when I woke the light was on, and I could remember a vague knocking sound on my door. I had that feeling like I didn’t know if I’d just fallen back asleep for five minutes or come out of a year long coma. As for the proper conversation, I don’t recall much, so in conclusion it was probably a conspiracy! Sometimes I wonder if I don’t spend whole days in a permanent state of somnambulance…

Today was a repeat (or just continuation) of yesterday workwise. I feel I should work on refining my self discipline skills because right now they are sorely lacking I am ashamed to say. My housemates and I as a collective have extreme procrastination down to an art form. So at least I can spread the blame! We designed and made the Springfield Hot Beverages Instruction Manual which provides detailed descriptions of how we each take our tea and coffee. This, in light of my uni work obviously takes priority. We toyed with the idea of creating an advent calendar, but since we are only here another ten days or so, it didn’t materialise. I also spent a lot of today gazing vacantly round my room, wondering how best to rearrange my things for the third time, which is always a great time wasting exercise.

I haven’t always been this way, I’ll have you know I used to have a reputation for being a pretty conscientous student. Oh how times change! I used to work hard under pressure now I barely work at all. Its been a trial trying to kick start my brain after last years study ice age.

This evening I went to student focus at church – it was the last one this term. I should have stayed away, it was 2nd year girls time to wash up the dinner plates. I wanted to claim sick leave like most of the guys do when its their turn, but I’m crap at faking being ill. Hmm, so I just gave in. Every so often one of the boys would come in to crack a sexist joke and/or generally gloat. So I just whip ’em with a teatowel. They can’t retaliate, because boys aren’t allowed to hit girls, haha.

I walked back with Ruk and Paul. Paul tried carrying me for all of 20 seconds. Its worth noting here he’s at least half my size, approximately. I’m no big girl myself but I feel like a whale next to him. He told me I have put on weight since the last time (when he picked me up to throw me into the snow last Christmas), and I told him he should work out more. They both have got to the point where they feel they have known me sufficiently long enough to hurl abuse at me when the whim takes them. What lovely friends I have. I take it like a man and give as good as I get! (translation: I hit them)

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