Christmas Cheer

Okay, so its not Christmas just yet but I feel its probably now acceptable (I have the final word on these matters!) to find trees, reindeer, snowmen, angels, and all manner of festive themed junk in every shop window down the high street. This was a record year for eager businesses trying to cash in on Christmas – apparently advent starts at sometime around august now, it was all new to me. I’ll stop being Scrooge now, tis the season to be jolly and all!

I prised my eyes open at 9am today, because Tracy came for a pre Christmas inspection. This, is light of my sleeping schedule which has resembled that of a vampire recently was pretty good going. As it was, she only popped her head through the door for a second so I suppose it was to her standards. I dont know what she expected – huge holes in the walls with strategically placed posters, dead bodies in the outhouse… I’m sure in her time she has seen much worse than our house.

I made it to my first lecture of the week, so I was rather proud of myself. All the same I didnt have my paper to hand in. My lecturer is such a cutie. Not in that way. He just is so understanding you feel bad and suddenly long to do the work. So after this, that is the next thing I’ll do, obviously! Priorities etc.

When I got back from lectures we set about finishing our Christmas decorations. We started them yesterday and we’re going for a budget Santas grotto stylee theme. As we are nearing the end of term, we’re all pretty skint so it called for a lot of compromise and imagination. Apart from a £1 tree (bargain!!! Poundland is the God of all shops!), and a few lights it’s all a bit of a handmade effort. We have paper chains, paper snowflakes, paper snowscapes, paper angels, paper Christmas greetings and well anything we can feasibly make from newspaper and old editions of Cosmopolitan. Topped off with some tinsel and sweets/lollypops its all pretty kitsch. A bit excessive but I guess we all came over a bit festive and got ever so slightly carried away.

We will be celebrating our first instalment of Christmas next saturday when we have our house Christmas dinner. Also next week is the CU dinner and dance, which will be cool. *mmm, men in tuxedos…* I can’t believe its been a year since the last one, ahh how time flies! I can’t wait, I’ve tried on my outfit approximately 99 times because I’m ever so slightly overexcited. I just got a disposable camera developed and it has pictures on it from when it snowed last Christmas, thats been sat on my desk for a year too…

We just got back from the pub. Stuart is down so we thought it might be good to make it look like we do more of an evening than just sit in front of the TV. We had the most random and silly conversations. I think I was still high on peroxide from colouring jens hair earlier. We all tried reassuring her her new hair is strawberry blonde, not ginger haha. She is my usual victim just for being such an easy target! We are saving what paltry amounts of money we still have left for the last night out of term next week. Gonna put some christmassy outfits together (Santa (Ben) and his elves (the rest of us) anyone?)

Lately we have been trying to go out to a wider variety of locations. We seem to have Arena Warehouse and the Vic on rotation. In an effort to be cultured we went to see a performance called The Last Supper at the Phoenix Arts Centre last night. It was a contrast of famous last words and the last suppers of inmates on death row. Sounds more morbid than it was. We all sat round a large table depending on a randomised ticket number, and coincidently Jen Katy and Lauren all ended up together. And they call themselves my friends 🙂 It was all rigged. Luckily I was sat between a nice chap and a lady who were much nicer than Jenna Suzannah and Katy put together I might add, just in case any one of them gets to read this!

Anyway they served wine and the prisoners’ dinners. There were much more of the audience than plates of food but ironically Suzy ended up with the first dinner of hot dogs. By the end I was salivating like nobodys business but in the end I got my just desserts – a burger and chocolate cake (see what I did there) so I was all good.

Well, I am being summoned downstairs so until the next time (I know you’re on the edge of your seats right) I’ll be off. We are about to go and take a midnight stroll, which has become something of a tradition/ritual in our house…

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