Paper Mache Brain

“The trio is down to two!” Or so sung Jenna as she burst forth into a melodious (I’m such a diplomat) rendition from the Lion King. It was part of a last ditch attempt to get me to go out with her and Suzy but I wasn’t really having any of it. I’m trying so save more than I spree because its got to the point where a single zero on the end of my bank statement is something to be proud of. Anyway that didn’t stop them telling me what a first rate bore I am haha. I am a certified bore, yay! That went on for about an hour and there was little variation on the theme!! Why is it that failing legitimate persuasion they always resort to guilt?! Don’t they realise that I suffer from a debilitating disease called stubborness?

They actually just got back and I am suffering the affect effects of my unyielding nature. I kinda wish that I went now, but I was feeling really minging today thanks to a Spot Attack. It would have really taken a proper paint job to make me presentable enough to leave the house minus a paper bag with two slits in it to cover my head. And I look at it this way: I’ve saved myself £20!

In other news, I have been spending stupendous amounts of cash which if not against my better judgdment is quite simply entirely contrary to the frugal (read:miserly) values I uphold. Ahh, with all these end of term parties to attend one cannot be seen wearing the same outfit you know, bit of a social faux pas. So anyway, I was pretty pleased with myself having managed to nab myself a dress for the ball in a buy-one-get-one-free offer. Thats me, cheap all the way. Thing was, it was a bit plain jane-ish so I had to grab me some jewellery to accessorise. Either inflation has gone through the roof or I just don’t own anything that didn’t originate from a 90% off sale (or buy-one-get-one-free offer come to that), I don’t know, but I always find myself comparing the price to what it would cost in indian rupees or to what I would have paid for it in say ’94 or ’95 (The Golden Era!). Ah, those were the days when chocolate bars were a reasonable 27p! When Jen and I go out shopping phrases like “In our day” “Way back when” and “When I was a young’un” become commonplace. Soon we’ll be starting all our sentances with “During the war…”

I’ll get this over with quickly, its probably less painful: I spent 42 quid on about 3 pieces of jewellery and a bag. Incidently that probably would have cost me the equivalent of £2 in rupees. Ugh I could have probably fed a small nation for a year for the same amount! Anyway my purchases were made in the manner of a child on their first day of school- ie. kicking and screaming – which is the only consolation I have – I think there may have been a few rude words under my breath too 🙂

The ball is on wednesday and I shall be able to report on whether the extra expense has provided any additional consolation…

We spent a good part of the weekend searching for santa costumes, well santa costume components, and it was quite a success despite involving even more parting of cash, which as you have seen is my least favourite hobby of all time. The good news is they look very festive and I love them.

Argh. I am such a crap student. My unbelievable capacity for doing no uni work whatsoever is only superceded by my astonishing abilities in finding new ways of wasting time so as to avoid said uni work. So all I have done today is expanded my creative horizons by doing anything possible to keep me from starting the essay.

Hmm on that depressing note, I think I will go and have a shower, and refresh my head. I made chicken madras earlier on and now I smell like an indian takeaway. Probably not a very sexy scent to go for methinks.

6 thoughts on “Paper Mache Brain

  1. Well i haven’t read all of it. But i though id be a first to post 🙂 I was thinking we should have a joint blog. We can wax lyrical about all our mad debates. Just a thought you know… All the best sascha


  2. Well thanks for your post. So do you think technology at this stage is creating a more spiritual life or not. Generally speaking of course. 🙂 well see you on the lighter side of the moon. xxx


  3. hey there! well lilone is in a little strange space tonight. Funny i used to find it so easy to express these odd ball moments when the world itself almost takes on a different shade in an immeasurable laps of time. But now days I have this eternal optimist telling me how good everything is.. hahaa funny that. Anyhow i came here expecting to find a new post about all sorts off stuff… Take care nila its a city out there!!


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