Top Choons

Athlete – The Tourist – I have not yet tired of Wires which was released prior to the album. What a beautiful song, for more beautiful songs just like it, you know what to do.

Coldplay – X & Y – I bought this as a gift to my sister for being a general overall genius, but obviously I had to see that it wasn’t broken and didn’t skip so I roadtested it first. Typical Coldplay sounds, in a similar vein to the last two records, so quite a ‘safe’ set of songs, but inspired nonetheless. Listen to Fix You for proof!

basement jaxx -The Singles – Another “I’ll buy this as a birthday present for a close friend and then borrow it permanently” album. Groovy funky stuff, my favourites are Oh my Gosh and Good Luck.

Gorillaz – My favourite cartoon band! Admittedly haven’t got my hands on it just yet but hoping it’ll be as good as the last effort and Feel Good inc aka catchiest single of the year so far thanks to  De La Soul who feature.

The Killers – Hot Fuss – Strongest contender for the prestigious Nila award for album of the year! Kind of indie kind of british sound but they are Americans. Very impressive, go and buy one.

PW Gopal – Still Voices : the Acoustic LP – Really pure honest sounding music with a few live tracks in the mix. Listen to Remind Me, gorgeous song. Click on

Faithless – Forever Faithless – Greatist hits compilation with all the cream of the previous four records plus a few more here and there. Really summery and good to relax with. Reminds me of when i was still a teenager (oh to be young again!!).

Jeff Buckley – This record never ages, and lil Jeff has the voice of an angel. I wish wish wish I had written Last Goodbye.

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