I’ll let you all into a little secret…I’m going to India today! Woo hoo yeah! Don’t tell anyone, but I finally got my visa through at the eleventh hour (praise God!) and so its finally setting in that in a few hours I will be in a plane above the clouds trying to ease the boredom of a 13hr journey. Who cares my visa came!!! It feels completely surreal I have no time to even sort of prepare myself so it is gonna be interesting to say the least. For those who have not heard the trials and tribulations huuu…let me recap. I promise not to exaggerate. I would never do such a thing

I thought it would be a simple affair. Go to london, get visa, go home. Jenna and I both applied for a tourist visa so I thought it would be quick and easy. But unfortunately after waiting ages, I got asked a million questions about where I would be going, with what business and with what purpose. It felt as though they thought me a underground criminal mastermind, which if I were would be cool because I could just intimidate people into submission, but alas its just little old me.

I left the high commission empty handed and somewhat perplexed about what to do. The guy at the counter for some reason unknown to me wanted me to send some proof of what I’d be doing which is just visiting India.

But obviously I didn’t have time for that, and should really have been one of the stream of people getting their passports blindly stamped and ripped off of 30 quid. I wouldn’t have minded that. Well in the end I applied through my dad’s travel agent ‘friend’ who is really a sleazy old man in a small office in east london sporting aviators and an unbuttoned shirt like that guy in the A team .

Well whatever I got my visa. #hallelujah!#

So long, I must be off… a plane awaits!

2 thoughts on “Liftoff

  1. Always lovely to hear from you, tho’ noticed a few spelling mistakes..(!!!) just thought I’d add that to make
    you feel at home!

    Hearing about all your travels makes me feel quite envious…Rashmi and I have determined that, when our little ones are a bit bigger, we are (God willing)gonna backpack it around India and reclaim our lost youth!!

    Talking of Rashmi (or Aunty Rashmi to you!), she says to tell you that she has told her Delhi cousin about you, and that they said they would be most happy to accommodate you at any time.Wasn’t sure if you took her address with you, but she says that if you like she will give you her cousin’s telephone number.

    Don’t know whether this comment will reach you complete, as it seems to be rapidly disappearing as I write! These new-fangled computers are a mystery to me…oh, Rhea’s friend Sandeep has just come by and kindly told me how you scroll up and down using the directional arrows…well, you learn something new every day as they say!

    Anyhow, soon my comment is gonna be longer than your e-mail, so better let you get back to dossing mean, working!

    Hey, you could always ask that guy who asked you back to his place if he would prefer the older woman…yes, I really am that desperate! (only joking..I hope!)

    Remind me to make you some dahl and rice when you get back!

    God bless, dear, and keep safe. Love to Jenna and all the little children.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(you get the general idea..miss you lots!)


  2. Hello there

    Been reading your site – interesting and funny – would love to see the beautiful watercolour scenery one day before I pop my clogs.

    Your stories are a pleasant diversion from what we have had to face in London over the past couple of days. I know suffering goes on everywhere but somehow this was more real for being shoved in our faces. The dirty streets of dear ole London spattered with blood, and all the mental anguish, just unbearable. You know me, I am a pacifist, I don’t think violence can be justified for any reason, in any place/country or situation. I will never understand why we do this kind of thing to each other. With my biologist’s hat on, I would like to add that we humans are the most shameful species of animal I have ever come across. As someone once said: ‘Humans are the only animals that can blush’. So much for intelligence.

    Sorry if this sounds a bit downbeat. I guess all we can do in the face of these horrors is to do something every day – however small – to make the life of even just one person (or other animal) happier/better than it would otherwise have been. If we all did that every day of our lives the collective effect would be astounding. If we could do more than that it would be mind-blowing.

    Godbless whoever reads this. Be happy and go in peace!

    Love Karin and other Animals XXX


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