Hairdevil! Pictures A-plenty

Lots of people have been asking me to put some pictures up, and I promised to do it before I got my curly mane back. Here are some photos that were taken the day before:

The night before

Jen and me prettifying ourselves. Oh, that would be the last time I’d have to spend hours diffusing my curly ‘fro!:

In the mirror

The number of days left ’til my hair execution…

2 days to go

The gals and me at La Tasca in honour of little Kavita’s twenty third year

illford-charity-headshave-2006-006.jpg illford-charity-headshave-2006-015.jpg

My quiff threatens to take over Suzy’s face


Our waiter Miguelito and I compare afro


Miguelito learns the fate soon to befall my hair…


Fundraising beforehand in the shopping centre

Some pictures of me and my collecting team before the event:

Jen                    Rhea               Helen                me & Helz        Kiran

pc152919.JPG pc152921.JPG pc152938.JPG pc152931.JPG pc152945.JPG

Who could resist Kiran? (my lil bro’ who is apparently 14yrs old!)


Collecting – action shots! Check out the Ilford rudeboys…

pc152923.JPG pc152929.JPG pc152930.JPG pc152941.JPG pc152943.JPG

Here’s a very nice man, and me beforehand getting nervous:

pc152944.JPG pc152947.JPG

Click the thumbnails for a larger version of the photographs below:

During pictures:

Me and my loyal helpers in the grand coin collection:


Morgan looks none too pleased about my hair loss:


I was making a scissors sign, honest!:


Esther and crew tie my hair into lots of fountains…a look last sported when I was about 7:

pc152953.JPG pc152955.JPG pc152954.JPG

They chop them off and hand them to me one by one:

pc152957.JPG pc152958.JPG pc152959.JPG

Some Christmas shoppers stopped by to see what was going on:

pc152970.JPG pc152961.JPG pc152960.JPG

Morgan and Efe had their heads in their hands for about 90% of the time:


And the clippers are out… The hair on my lap starts to resemble a furry rodent like creature

pc152963.JPG pc152967.JPG pc152968.JPG illford-charity-headshave-2006-027.jpg

Ester takes my hair down to a fuzzy no. 2…Do you think I would have got more money if I left the right-hand tuft of hair there?


Clowns to the left of me…jokers to the right:

illford-charity-headshave-2006-029.jpg illford-charity-headshave-2006-028.jpg

You’d be forgiven for thinking I was actually enjoying myself! Ester checks for final lumps and bumps, and adds the finishing touches to my new ‘hairstyle’:

pc152971.JPG pc152973.JPG pc152975.JPG

My right hand did something funny when I clocked my reflection:


After Pictures (The Fallout!)

Lil Miss Hairy Face:


I felt famous for about five minutes! There was a lovely lady who came up and said some kind words. The looks on their faces are priceless:

pc152977.JPG pc152978.JPG image2.jpg pc152979.JPG

At first I couldn’t stop touching my spiky hair. Please stop me making this into a habit! My old hair made a fetching toupee…

pc152980.JPG pc152981.JPG

Friends a.k.a helpers take a well-earned rest:

illford-charity-headshave-2006-032.jpg pc152990.JPG

My mum has trouble letting go of my hair…literally:


Chillin’ wit da homies!

pc152985.JPG pc152986.JPG pc152987.JPG pc152995.JPG

Like sister, like brother? YOU decide!

pc152988.JPG pc152989.JPG

Morgan still has that lost puppy look on his face:


One week on…Aisha and me at Frankie and Benny’s with me looking dreamily at her (unintentional) and later, laughing demonically:

me-aisha.jpg jokez.jpg

Morgan’s face has returned to normal:


38 thoughts on “Hairdevil! Pictures A-plenty

  1. Woah. Bro I think you look HOT after that.:) I just got my haircut today really short and now I want a cut like that! It can be hard to pull of that look but DAYUHMM! You did it! ;D
    So nice job.:) <33


  2. Hey, just showed my my cousin who has sadly recently been diagnosed with cancer and has curly hair like yours and she thinks you look so amazing with your hair like that (even better even)….so now she sees that shaved hair can even look even better than long hair and shes been inspired so thank you! She wants to know if you kept your hair like that? or planning on having it like that again (you definitely should you look great really brings out your features wich are perfect for it) and she wants to know if you got any styling tips or another blog for shaved bald hair that may come in handy?


    1. Hey Maddie thanks so much for your comment. I am thrilled all these years later to still hear from people. For me it started as a selfish endeavour/artistic whim so I am thankful to people like your cousin for the compliments. So sorry to hear of your diagnosis I wish her well. I wish her health and strength and pray that the sun shines on her this time! I absolutely loved a shaved head and I had loads of compliments and so I hope she can love it too. And yes I had a crew cut twice it took a couple of years to grow back and I was yearning for the boy cut!! And it made me braver hairstyle wise I have had very length and style and colour imaginable and even had an undercut for a bit. So go wild girl! I didn’t really look at any specific blogs other than to look at celebrities who I may pretend to have a passing resemblance from about 50 paces, if you blur your eyes haha. So there’s a French actress noemie lenoir I looked at her style as she went shaved for a bit! Please wish your cousin well from me and another big thanks for the compliment it’s an honour to even have the smallest effect! I’m sure she will look fab just have the confidence and people will want to copy, believe me! Also as her hair grows back I’d recommend wearing tights on her head to tame short curly hair! Hugs!


      1. Thank you so much for the reply back 🙂 me and my cousin really appreciate it.

        “I absolutely loved a shaved head” ” I was yearning for the boy cut!”

        Sounds like you miss it. You should do it again and keep it this time;). hehe you could even start a blog about style and give out tips which might really help people with cancer and other conditions know that they can look beautiful and hair isnt everything.

        and tights hey? that’s a good idea you own invention? 🙂


  3. Oh yeah one more thing you do look like that model you mentioned I just searched her on bing and found this picture

    though id actually say she looks like you instead of you look like her because you suit shaved hair more and look better than her…. 🙂

    Also for my cousin wants to know if have you got any tips on how you shave your hair do you shave in all random directions or in one direction and how can you keep it maintained super short like yours do you have it on 0 setting to get it really sharp and stylish? I hope you do shave you hair again and make a style blog and inspire people like my cousin who has one thing less to worry about and actually wants to look like you do so again thank you 🙂


    1. The tights I think were a recommendation from a friend which I adopted as my own! I’m sure I’ll go short again it’s just a matter of time! Your cousin will look fab I am sure of it. I would say for upkeep go to a male barbers I just would pay £5 and have a guys hair but short back and sides and a bit long on the top other wise it would grow out in all directions like a clown! Wishing you well!


  4. Thank you donjuanila 🙂 and sorry to bug you with all these questions.
    Im going to tell my cousin all this asap though she might have even more questions and start commenting aswell… and cool £5 isn’t a lot for a stylish and low maintenance haircut I guess you even got me tempted now haha.

    All this is really good for my cousin gives a bit of light in such a dark place and something to look forward to and be positive about.

    Ps your logo is really creative and nice, can tell you made it because its your name rather than just a random picture of a cat or whatever.

    sorry to blab on and sorry about my bad text speech grammar. 🙂


  5. WOOOOOOOW! You defy convention! trust me on this Im a guy and gotta say I think you look a lot hotter with your new buzz hair.


  6. I used to prefer long hair on girls… not anymore you have converted me. It is hard to explain what it is but there really is something beautiful about you and your buzzed hair that just blows long hair out the water.


  7. I have so much respect for you! What you did was amazing and I love the transformation afterwards! you look gorgeous! Im actually doing the Brave the Shave for Macmillan ( next month in honor of one of my friends and I am getting some research done prior to the shave! If you could help me out by answering some question seeing as you look so good with a buzzcut id really appreciate it!

    Firstly what clipper grade would you recommended to get the best look?

    whats your thoughts on a buzzcut long term? At the moment I dont see why not as it really is a sexy haircut and so easy to manage? did you contemplate not growing your hair and keeping it? do you ever think about buzzing it again now? (You should 😉 especially if it means raising more money for charity.. setting up a page and aiming for a target is also so much fun.)

    How often would you have to re shave to maintain the buzz?

    What are the best makeup and accessories that help compliment a buzz cut?

    I hope you get to respond, thanks!


    1. Hey thanks for your kind comments. Good luck with it didn’t know Macmillan did a headshave thingy! I had no1 sides no2 on top! Short back and sides haha! I went short again but never actually buzzed again! I think it did mean I went a bit more colourful with makeup and chunky jewellery! Good luck sure you’ll love it- easiest style ever!


      1. I see! Thanks for your reply! What hairstyle do you prefer best overall.. buzz, pixie or long hair?
        Do you have any plans to go back to your buzz cut again?

        Sorry for so many questions just want to know all I can 🙂


  8. Hi Donjuanila! I just read your comment above how you are thinking about doing another head shave fundraiser and I just had to chime in. After seeing a really close friend go through alopecia I know I have seen how hard it is for someone thinking that they will be defined as “ugly” simply because they don’t have hair…I love how you show this to be not true at all by having buzzed hair and looking gorgeous! You should definitely do it again… raising money for a good cause and inspiring others <—its just a wonderful thing to do. I think if you start walking around showing people how beautiful women can look with buzzed hair it kind of is even better than the fundraising part of it all as it does so much!
    Also afterwards you just know you want to keep a super short pixie like charlize theron??? ie shaved around the sides with a inch or so longer ontop. Yes/no?


    1. Hi Emily thanks so much for your comment! Thanks for the vote in confidence! I kept it short for a while and then grew it out again. Now I’m fantasising about a buZzcut once agains!


  9. Your so pretty afterwards.Honestly what you have done is so good of you and I am so glad to see that you could pull it off so well.. in faaact you look BETTER!Do you have any plans to go back to short short hair again??

    Look good, feel good do good that should be your motto.


      1. no problemo I thought I would just spread a bit of happiness 🙂

        what did you look like with a short pixie?

        Im thinking of going for a in between buzz and pixie haircut like so;


  10. I will go for it now:) do you prefer having pixie hair over long hair?? do you have long or pixie hair at the moment?

    thanks ever so much for helping make up my mind!


  11. Hey im making a buzzcut inspiration pintrest board and I just love your hair! is it okay if I can add your picture to the board. I will of course link to your blog and send you a link when board is done. Only the very best get to to go on my board 😉

    Also you remind me of



      1. Will suit you donjunila! 🙂 when do you think you will be going for headshave part 2 Im a really curious cat right now so excited for you!! 🙂

        Posted a really long comment on your other blog hope you get to read that too 🙂


  12. Oh I see so 12 of june.. you don’t want to upstage the bride hehe 😉 I will come back and check your blog then! :O your going to look absolutely amazing and I love your idea about purple pink I guess you can experiment with all sorts of different colors and even patterns in your hair because you can simply shave it off again each time.


  13. Hi donjuanila I just found this pic after searching around for girls with shaved hair for my sister because she been told today that she has alopecia and her hair is going to fall out.. so I wanted to lift her spirits and show her someone who absolutely rocks the bald look and has made it their own style! Im so glad I found this as you look stunning and you make long hair look well.. boring and lame! My sister is going to be so happy I have found this! 🙂 thank you so much! Also I read above that you are thinking of doing this again very soon by the sounds of it I honestly hope you do because there no question that you look A lot better and YOU ARE GOING TO BE DOING SO MUCH GOOD. also I have a fun suggestion you should do a mini video or something and swizzle on a chair like they do on those makeover channels you know from long hair and then by the time you swivel right back around again you revel your gorgeous transformation!!!


    1. Those are great ideas! I would like to film it! Document the transformation. It’s definitely happening I just have to sort out a website! It’s so thoughtful to think of your sister. Hope she can also be inspired by all the buzz cuts on Instagram etc and will style it out!


  14. Luvin the shaved hair, you go girl! look like this model if you ask me

    ever thought about making it your official look forever?


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