Five minutes of fame

Kind of like IMDB, a list of movies I have starred in!

I did a short interview (about 5 minutes) with a lovely lady from BBC Local LONDON, and she ran a little feature on my charity headshave. It was a little after the event so you can see my new look. You can see it here (the link is on the right column):

BBC London interview

You will need RealPlayer plug-in to view it. You can download it here:

Download RealPlayer plugin

If you weren’t able to come down to see my headshave, do not fear, I had dear ole Suzy video the whole thing, and thanks to the power of YouTube you can see it here (or if you were there, relive the moment once again). It’s in five parts because it was taken on a digital camera that doesn’t let you film for longer than about a minute continuously!

Part 1
Listen for the end of the countdown. I was nervous in those last few seconds but then as they got going I got quite into it. You can hear a few people asking how I’m feeling and see me when they cut off and hand me my first ponytail. That was the point of no return, haha. There are quite a lot of flashes going off, mostly by my ‘little’ baby bro Ashlee who’s the one with the camera – all I needed was a red carpet, and I’d have felt like a movie star! Then Esther handed me a mirror so I could assess the damage thus far, although I can’t even really remember it

Part 2
It was kinda weird to look at my hair on my lap. Then they whipped out the clippers and got to work on the shaving. You can hear a few exclamations of “Oh my God” and I point to Morgan who was too scared to watch (only jokin’ hun!)

Part 3
Having my hair clipped was actually quite a nice sensation… Cue Suzy: “Uhh you don’t look that bad, no you don’t look that bad” It feel nice. I’m looking quite pleased with the extreme crop but the gal to my right isn’t so sure! Ashlee tried to coax a few more onlookers into donating a penny or two…

Part 4
I assess people’s reactions in this video. Before I had a good look at my reflection, these guys were my ‘mirror’

Part 5
Check out the assortment of cheesy grins as Esther styles my hair. I had a no1 on the edges, no2 on the sides and no3 on top, just in case you were thinking about going for the same look. Someone mentioned the advantage of a low/no maintenance hairstyle for getting ready in next to no time in the morning!

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