A big thank-you to all the people who have helped me organise my headshave and kindly donated time, materials, and money to the cause. You rock!

I have lots of people to thank, so in no particular order, thanks to:

  • All the people that have donated through my Hopebuilder’s page and left kind messages, and thanks to the anonymous donations too. I don’t know who you are but I am very grateful for your contribution.

  • Everyone who has made offline donations or signed sponsor forms.

  • Alison Hardwick, marketing manager at The Exchange Mall Ilford who helped me organise my event. Thanks also to security and everyone else who helped whose names I don’t know

  • Esther and crew at Headjogs hairdressers who cut and then later washed and ‘styled’ my hair for FREE and collected at their salon. Thanks for your help and bubbliness and promise to charge me gents prices at least for the foreseeable future!

  • Astrid, Emma, Helen et al at Habitat for Humanity for all their support and publicity materials (leaflets, posters, tshirts) and additional freebies!

  • All my helpers collecting on the day – Joanne, Jenna, Helen, Suzy, Ashlee, Rhea, Efe and Danial for their resilience, endurance and genius in conjuring funny slogans to encourage donations

  • Ashlee for taking lots of beautiful pictures

  • Suzy for more pictures and for filming the whole thing… and then having to send me them in time for my interview with BBC Local London

  • Ramaa (local reporter) and Mark (microphone man) at BBC London for their feature and video interview (see videos)

  • People at work (Y Care International) and church (All Saints Goodmayes) for their support especially Lily who started her own collection and raised over £100. What a star!

  • University friends and departments for telling people about my impending haircut

  • Lauren and Jenna – trust me the conversation I had with you planted the seed in my head to go through with my extreme haircut!

  • The generosity of random strangers, in particular the lovely woman at the Exchange who said some really kind words, and the lady in the bank who added tenner to the fund when my brother was transferring the collection money

  • People who helped me stack money up Stromboli style (Katy and Morgan along with the coin collecting crew)– would have taken forever without you!

  • My ‘anonymous benefactor’ who provided the collecting tins for free

  • Reeta who expertly sculpted my eyebrows (when you have no hair it’s all about the eyebrows!)

  • ……..and finally, my parents who blessed me with my crowning glory!

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