Girls with boycuts

Girls with boycuts
I keep getting “You look like Sinead O’Connor” (I really don’t) but I guess there aren’t that many girls with crew cuts. If you do, email me! Here are some more famous bald girls:

Natalie Portman:


Demi Moore:


Sigourney Weaver:


Noemie Lenoir:


Neve Campbell:


and… Sinead O’ Connor:


19 thoughts on “Girls with boycuts

  1. I really really wanna shave my head but i’m just after starting in a new school so don’t have any friends yet so I’m sooo scared to 😦


  2. I have a Buzz-cut and I LOVE it!! I first did it to support my son with cancer,but kept it even after, now he’s in remission, as it’s so easy-care,and it’s funky and unique,too!It has even now become my own signature style and I’m easy to spot in a crowd!!


  3. i just recently shaved my head as well, it was time for change, it was therapeutic and it is liberating! I also did it for my mom who has cancer – when I’m in public I get stares and it bothers me at times but at the same time I feel empowered to challenge society’s beliefs on beauty.
    other bald headed beauties are: amber rose, india arie, erykah badu and me 🙂


  4. I shaved my head a month ago. I love the feeling of this cut. I don’t have to worry how to put my hair every morning. I think this is great!


    People stare at me. I feel like a freak. When I had long hair, I had many interested smiles from guys all the time and I never had to be alone. Now boys look at me only for a second, and the expression on their faces tell me what they’re thinking.

    Bald girls, remember this: If you’re not good enough for somebody just the way you are, that somebody isn’t good enough for you!


  5. Congrats to all who went under the shears for themselves or more importantly, in the cause of others. To those who do this to challenge society, that is so BS. Society is made up of individuals and you aren’t going to change an individual’s view on beauty. Nobody has said that being bald is ugly, most just say it isn’t something for them or something they are attracted to. Shaving your head to challenge a common belief isn’t going to change anything. If you do it for yourself, then good for you. There are some men who like women with short or no hair. I am not one of those men, but I don’t have a problem with women shaving their heads because I understand it is their body and hair to do as they will. However, if you are dating or married, ask your significant other before you do this. They could be like me and just not get aroused by short or no haired women. It is why I am divorced now. My ex decided to shave her head and I supported her. I didn’t realize she would keep her hair that way for so long and I just never felt attracted to her. So, after two years of no sex and awkward engagements, we called it quits even though I loved her. Strangely, she grew her hair back out for her new guy, but wouldn’t do it for me after we found out about my issue with short and no haired women. So, this can destroy a relationship, in turn check with your other if you have one before going down this road because no sex does ruin a relationship. And if the guy is not attracted to short haired women, he will still love you, but he may not be aroused by you.


  6. You shoulddo a new updated post about buzzcuts… there are now more models than ever on the cat walk with buzzzcuts! 🙂 it really is a sexy style n when you got the face for it..just blows people away!


    1. You’re right there’s much more of a trend even the fact I’ve got a lot of recent comments. Thinking to do another buzz cut so will definitely do an update post. Thanks for your comment!


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