Nicknames etc.

I have inevitably accrued a few nicknames in the past few weeks. ‘Baldy’ is quite popular, but rather unimaginative. Still every single person who uses it laughs as though they were he first one to come up with it, haha. Others include:

* Baldilocks
* Scalp (thanks to Rhea my dear sister for this)
* Microphone (also Rhea)
* Slaphead
* Tuppenny all-off (when haircuts like mine used to cost 2p?)

“What have you done with my sister?” Aaron my 14yr old brother
“We have this really old man who’s living in our house!” also Aaron
“I would look like a moon and Loretta would look like an egg” Natalie
“Can I stroke it?”
 *stroking my head* (without permission)
“Have you got lots of hats lined up?”
“You’re crazy!”

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