The Donation Manual

I don’t know about you but I sometimes find it hard to decide how much to donate. Here is a guideline to make life a little bit easier:

If you’re feeling generous you can sponsor me 1p per hair. Apparently this can range between 100-250 thousand hairs so I’m gonna assume that I’m at the top end of the scale. This is pocket change to all those city boys/gals who just got their Christmas bonuses!

This is the average price of a Habitat for Humanity build, so you can go ahead and fund a whole house if you like

For those who like round numbers

For mathematicians who despise integers

“I can’t believe she’s shaving her hair”

To bribe me NOT to shave my hair

“I’ll pay her to do it so I won’t have to”

“Maybe she’ll meet a man by doing this”

About the price of a haircut

“I barely have enough for rent!”

Anila who? Who the heck is she?

Click “Builder’s merchants” to see the individual price of raw building materials.

Other donations that would most certainly be appreciated:

  • hats
  • Indian head massage
  • haircut at gents prices
  • hair gel/mousse and styling tips
  • a husband (it can’t hurt to ask!)

2 thoughts on “The Donation Manual

  1. Alway intrests me things like “a husband (it can’t hurt to ask!)” and this post is 10 years ago makes you wonder I bet the person who wrote this is now married with lots of kids now. She would really make a super mum because of how selfless she is doing this for charity also she would be one of those cool hip mums with shaved that looks great 🙂


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