What the font!

I knew that I wanted to have some kind of typographic effect when creating a logo for my personal portfolio but all I knew was that I wanted a handwritten, brush effect. I experimented with different colours, gradients and fonts before settling on the monochrome moniker that you see, but I thought it would be interesting to chart my progress. Here is the evolution of my logo:

Simple scanned, handwritten:

anila sig



Brush font:




Graffiti font with gradient:

anila babla graffitti colour





Graffiti font in mono:

aila babla graffiti





In the end I settled with simple black and white in this cool font entitled ‘Painted Lady’ which I found over at DaFont.


17 thoughts on “What the font!

  1. Hi you sent me a link to this on your other spectacular blog.. I love this one too.

    I really love your logos there is something minimalist about them but really goes well.

    Are you going to post more on here? Your other blog hasnt been posted on for years… I hope you post more about your unique style as I really am wanting to go buzzed too and want to know as much as I can.



  2. Thats one nifty logo design.. I love all your art on your blog your really creative do you have kids? plan on having kids? Im sure you are/would make a great mum with so much craftyness and fun!


    1. Hi Jill – thanks for your kind comment! No I don’t have kids, but would love to! And yes if there is one thing I never run out of – it’s ideas. Out of interest, how did you find my blog? Keep well x


      1. Thats great! Imagine a couple mini anila artists running around the place :). You should definitely start planning for some then!? The older you get the more chance of having sickly children.. that happened to one of my friends who is in her mid 30s!

        Oh,,,,,,,,,, and I found your video on local insiders here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg_FIyRBAm0 and decided to search for you and came across this blog πŸ™‚


      2. I also think you would make a incredible art teacher too!! I cannot think of anything more fun just doing art all day and getting paid to do something I love right? Im actually surprised you can make Β£65k a year being a teacher and it only takes a year training or 2 part time.. see.. https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/explore-my-options/university-led-training
        what do you think????
        lol Im jabbering on a bit now your probably already a teacher! hehe


  3. You say above you wanna be an art therapist! I hope you accomplish your dream because your a very talented at art:) I actually know someone who is trained as an art therapist but because of government cuts she couldn’t get a job with the nhs.. shes now an art teacher instead, though she says she loves that job more than art therapy.


      1. me too.. the uk government are just for big business thats why they give them special tax deals.
        If it turns out you cannot find a art therapy job what is your backup plan? πŸ™‚


  4. Hi anila I learnt about your craftrehab (actually on your over blog about your buzzcut very random I know but there was a link here yada yada yada) and ever since I have been searching and searching to find out more about this project because I just LOOOOVE your art and really would love to be able to do just 2% of what you can do!! Anyway I just really would like to know if the craftrehab thing is still going and if you have art tutorial videos going on or anything.. if not why not *cheeky wink ;)* You said above to someone else that your training to be an artt therapist I think making some videos would be an awesome way to get noticed and to get some practice in right..also you might get famous or something as you know with your amazing buzzcut you have a unique creative identity and brand that is recognizable!! I think I have nattered on a little bit too much now but I wish you all the best and I hope you have a great summer.


    1. Well done on the internet detective work πŸ˜‰ Once again thanks for the thoughtful comments! I am starting training in September so I will revisit Craft Rehab then – in fact over the summer I want to combine sites and just be updating one. But I love your ideas about brand, I feel really inspired – it’s one thing to read my site, another to take the time to comment!


      1. Oh I just love reading random blogs at work to pass the time its just so much fun and I love how you can just spy on other peoples conversations via comments hehe πŸ™‚ Im so happy for you that your inspired to make it your brand (can I take all the credit?) and I really do think its the right angle for you to take things because
        a) people will remember who you are because your look would be so unique and memorable b)you can make up a really cool alias name or motto for your self like “the buzzed beauty artists” although I am sure you will probably come up with something better πŸ˜‰ and finally
        c) your hair looks better shaved anyway so whats there to loose/ πŸ™‚

        anyway all of this sounds so much fun and I wish you all the best with your art and craftrehab πŸ™‚


  5. Just reading the comments here and I think its is a marvellous idea to shave your hair if you are becoming an art therapist because that job is all about inspiring and making people to think differently about things. Making the bald look your identity would be so good especially for getting recongized too. Imagine writing a book and being on the front cover, people will want to know what your book is about and who is the women with the bold look on the front cover it would be so cool. So much potential!!!!! you can do it and make it your brand πŸ™‚


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