17A few years ago I took a ceramics course thinking I might just give up life in the big ole smoke and take myself off to the country with a potter’s wheel. I realised it was actually quite a complicated business and not at all like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in ‘Ghost’.

I made this cup by hand and then let the glaze drip naturally down the sides


I used cutwork and broken glass for this cross:


This dinosaur used a technique called slabwork:7845882042_2688dc5a7c_k 7845884710_0297e6be93_k

I painted this bad boy at a pottery cafe in Greenwich7845898022_243eb4613b_k

I dipped this three times in different glazes before firing:7845912934_7f4c332afa_k

A letter rack fit for a (Caleb) King:7845917244_04088998d6_k

A plate I made for my mama, using a paper resist technique:7845921500_b92c076758_k

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