I have a penchant for pencils. When I was about five I first discovered a talent for drawing and proceeded to do it on the wall, on my clothes, on my face… My mum would hand me a piece of paper and crayons and I would go and come back with a masterpiece (at least I thought) and the whole process would happen on a loop, indefinitely. Crucially, according to mum, each piece was ‘amazing’, ‘stunning’, or ‘fantastic’, since without that encouragement I doubt I would have the skill level I have today.

Adventures in Graphite


I made this using graphic pencils, ranging from 4H to 2B. You don’t usually use them for sketches but I wanted a very precise image, with almost scientific accuracy! Done by eye from a photograph.

See the original image here

You can’t tell at first how good a portrait photograph this will make!
Click the image on the left for a close-up



This began as a challenge to do a portrait with only HB pencil in under an hour:


See the original


Here I was exploring what it would be like do do a portrait in low level light (and hence low contrast):









See the original

Self-Portrait in Pencil

The biggest challenge yet was to capture my own likeness. If you ever meet me, I guess you’ll know whether it resembles me.


Jesus Christ, Revolutionary

This is a painting of the greatest dude in history that I did for my student flat. It’s in the style of Che Guevara. I found a small postcard somewhere with this image and wanted a huge canvas of it in my house! Acrylic on canvas.


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