Sushi cake

For Stylist’s inaugural baking competition, Rhea and I baked our original homespun Cherry Blossom Sweet Sushi cake, with all the elements made from something sweet. We had fun working out how we could recreate sushi in sugary fashion!

The “chopsticks” make a little nod to Stylist and thanks to Google translate we wrote “Bon Appetit” on the plate (although we joked through the evening that it could equally mean “David Beckham is fit” or “Chicken Chow Mein” since we don’t speak Japanese!

Just in case you’re interested to know what went into the cake, it’s a vanilla sponge covered in raspberry jam and then iced in fondant.

The cherry blossom/branches are made from piped dark chocolate/hand painted sugar flowers, pink sugar balls.
The sushi plate is made from marzipan, and to make the chopsticks we made a mould from ready roll icing and poured in white chocolate (and were so thrilled it worked!). As for the sushi:
“fish roe” – pomegranate seeds
“rice” – coconut
“vegetable sushi filling” – cut up gummi bears
“seaweed shell” – Bear blueberry yo-yos
“salmon sashimi” – dried apricot cut in half with a bit of strawberry flavouring for colour
“wasabi” – green butter icing
“unagi sushi” – pecan
“tamago sushi” – marzipan, coconut, fruit leather as before.
“gari ginger” – peach ready roll icing
“soy sauce” – I made the pot by cutting open a Lindt chocolate and then made the sauce by making coffee syrup (and almost blew up our microwave!!)
“garnish” – glace angelica




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