The Unveiling

Here is what I look like now (approximately one week of hair stubble!):

look of wonder

This following picture was taken just after my no. 2 cut:

Me and Helen

And here is me with my long curly frizz the day before:

Me and the Gals

For lots more photos, click on the ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ pics posts- Enjoy!

167 thoughts on “The Unveiling

  1. I am in awe of your amazing shaved hair. Read a few comments here and love it that your shaving yuor hair totally this time! You go girl! You will look amazing and I think because women with shaved hair/no hair are basically immune from ageing you ought to keep it for good no going back! is this what you plan on doing? would love to check back and see.. when do you plan on doing it? Will it be a charity event or just something your will do one day?


    1. Oh my gosh been talking about it for an age! I will do it I’m just not sure when! Will post here though. Thanks for your encouragement:) don’t feel like braving it in subzero winter weather!


      1. Oh my days what a transformation you look so hot afterwards. So jel.
        I think you would really suit just cute stubble like this

        when you do it are you making it your new permanent style for years to come? Imagine how stylish you would be when your 50+ and everyone else has really dry grey scraggy hair but theres you looking amazing with shaved hair because I have seen older women with shaved hair rock the shaved hair look and sometimes wrinckles just add even more character.. tis best way to age gracefully in my opinion.


  2. Love love love this. What an brilliant thing to do! You seem like such a genuine and lovely person who would try to help anyone. please never change. Also I think your new shaved hair look is so good and has really enhanced your features, what is even better is your new look has so much meaning to it and is a style that will inspire so many people you should be so proud of yourself! 🙂 keep up the amazing work being you.


  3. Oh wow any plans on doing this again? You look so good with shaved hair. you really must! All this windy weather is so annoying with long hair.


  4. How short are you going next time you do this? and how long are keeping the look for? shaved hair totally suits you theres no question about it! You rule for doing this for charity and so cool that you can contnue to inspire people with your look


  5. Loving your new/10 year old ago look. think you would rock totally no hair smooth look would look amazing on you as you just got the perfect features for it and always when women suit that look they look incredible and alot better than long hair. Hey if you are thinking of doing this again then raising money for south sadan to help those people would be an amazing thing to do. People there have suffered enough from the hands of al queda and scum only to then be
    They need to know that others are there to help them. Just a thought anyway. 🙂 have a good weekend 🙂


  6. Buzzing hair excuse the pun. Looks so cute and amazing 🙂 You should do another chairty shave if you can and raise some money for a good cause you get a amazing hairstyle out of it too.


  7. You look amazing. Been doing research because I want to shave my hair. Have you ever wanted to go fully amazing bald like this

    Id say you would look so good! 🙂


    1. I agree you would look iconic with no hair and would bring out your features to the next level. Here is another pic which might help that I came across

      Also would you use hair removal cream to keep the look for as long as you want? you could use it instead of shampoo so that you can keep looking gorgous all time with ZERO hassel whatsoever????????????????????

      (Im doing research because I want to do this myself)


  8. no problem 🙂 It would be a much easier way of keeping your hair smooth and looking aamzing for as long as you want without having to keep on shaving but when you want to mix things up a bit and go for a buzzcut all you do is stop using the cream and your hair grows back as normal a couple days later 🙂
    r you planning on going for the totally smooth look? like that picture I posted theres no doubt that you would look aaaaaammmmaaaaaaazing! you should also keep the look and make it your lasting style too what are the chances of that happening?


      1. 😀 rememebrs, the more you put it off the less likely it will happen like the time homer didnt get to meet mr t



      2. What deadline are you thinking of going for? You should set up a justgivingpage this weekened and set a date that way the ball starts rolling and things start getting into motion and before you know it you will be rocking your new amazing look 🙂


  9. Loving your sculpted eyebrows really bold and elegant to the max!!! really looks good escpailly with your shaved hair line with the straight short and sharp lines empahize your amazing features, in other words you look totally BEAUT with super short hair. :)Sorry long hair version of you.. but I think shaved hair is more you 🙂 hope you decide to never go back to long hair and stick with super short hair its for your own good 😉


    1. Wow thanks – it’s currently just below my ears and oh my days I never do anything to my brows so that’s pure luck! Thanks for taking the time to comment


  10. Oh wow you look breathtaking with shaved hair. You must keep the look as it is so meaningful and looks beautiful. Do you see yourself like sinead o conner and just making it your permamnet iconic look through the ages? What hair style is your favourite?


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